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Drainwig (Shower) Instructions 

  • The steps are simple, easy, and no hassle from start to finish.

Insert1  The first step is inserting the Drainwig into your shower.

Insert2 The second step is leaving it in for 3-6 months.(I would check it between 3-4 months so that you have no issue of taking it out)

insert3 The third step is taking it out. You can either clean off all the hair and reuse it or you can throw it away and use a new one.

Drainwig (Bathtub) Instructions

bathtube1 The first step is unscrewing the bathtub stopper.

tub-step2 The second step is inserting the Drainwig on one of the sides.

tub-step3 The third step is attaching the handle to the bathtub.

tub-step4 The fourth step is taking it out after 3-6 months. You can clean off all the hair and reuse it or you can use a new one.




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